RTP1 (Portuguese public station), 2023

Written and directed by Ana Delgado Martins‏

Histórias do Fado

RTP1, 2020

Script, research, interviews, and production assistance by Ana Delgado Martins

De Armas e Bagagens

Feature film, 2013

Directed by Ana Delgado Martins / Real Fiction Production

Synopsis: What would you take with you if you had to run away from home without knowing if you would return? Between 1974 and 1976, close to 300,000 Portuguese left Angola. More than 100 thousand were born there. This is the story of the incredible escapes from Angola by land, sea, and air, and of everything they didn’t want to leave behind.

De Armas e Bagagens won the Best Documentary Award at the 5th Edition of FESTin, a Portuguese Film Festival, at 2014


‏‏‏‏The documentary aired on Portuguese television on the following dates:

– RTP2 at December 8th 2015

– TVCine2 at December 8th e 9th 2015 


It was shown at the following film festivals:

– FESTin 2014 – Cinema São Jorge, Lisboa (Portugal)

– XIV Encontros de Cinema de Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

– Figueira Film Art 2014 (Portugal)

– MEDIMED’14 Vidéothèque (Spain) 

– 38º Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo (Brazil) 

– Mostra de Cinema da Amazônia 2014 (Brazil) 

– Lusophone Film Fest of Nairobi 2015 (Kenya) 

– IX MaioDOC – Ciclo de Cinema Documental (Cabo Verde) 

– Filmes do Homem – Festival Internacional de Documentário de Melgaço 2015 (Portugal)

– Porto/Post/Doc – Rivoli 2016 (Portugal)

Luz Clara

Short film

Script by Ana Delgado Martins

Synopsis: Luz Clara is a short film that reveals an inspiring story by photographer José Cruz and his art. With 27 years of experience, he decided to change his life and dedicate himself to full-time photography of newborns

Luz Clara was named for best documentary short film at the Sophia 2015 Awards, from the Portuguese Cinema Academy